Natures V myasthenia gravis Review 07-31-2019

Natures V AutoImmune Disease Supplement Review 01 073119 By Ms. S.M.

Myasthenia Gravis, Epileptic Seizures, Narcolepsy Relief  

A new Health paradigm "immunotherapy"


Natures V CEO E. Ahad & Dr. Patrice Muhammad. Discuss: A New Health Paradigm Interview w/ Sis Denise of RBS

Common Female Reproductive Disorders: Surgery is Not The Only Option. Pt1

Topic: Common Female Reproductive Disorders: Surgery Is Not The Only Option w/ Bio-Med, Bio-Tech & Agricultural Scientist, Victer Muhammad. Naturopathic Dr & PA Patrice Muhammad w/, an Immunotherapy Company, 

CEO E. Ahad Muhammad 

Vaccines? What are your options today? oct-06-2019

 Sketch of Today's Discussion: A Science-Based Analysis of Vaccines/Possible Alternatives to Injections of Foreign Agents from Unknown Sources  1. What are Vaccines? 2. Are Vaccines good for evading disease? 3. Are all Vaccines dangerous? 4. Should you vaccinate yourself or your children? 5. Some US state governments have made it mandatory for your children to take Vaccines in order to attend school. What should be your response? 6. Alternatives:     a. Open your own private schools.     b. Develop your own Vaccines.      c. Live better lifestyles.     d. Form communities of righteousness individuals who desire discipline, moral codes, civility, and self-determination