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Immunotherapy, like any other accumulation of information, is a science. Science is defined as “the accumulation of facts or information on a particular subject”. Therefore, it is a misnomer to assume that all science is actual fact. Science is only actual fact after the metes and bounds of mathematics have been applied to that accumulation of Data or information and, said Data is found to be 100 per cent accurate each and every time math is applied to said information or Data.© By: Victer Muhammad, Executive Director – Life Science of Washington, Inc. 03 May 2019 copyright  


Immunotherapy, in our hands, refers to the use of the body’s own immune system to be the guiding principle for the use of exogenous immune agents, proteins and modulators intended to mimic the body’s own immune response, when the body has been compromised.© By: Victer Muhammad, Executive Director – Life Science of Washington, Inc. 03 May 2019 copyright  


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Therapy SUPPlement

Autoimmune Supplement

Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Lupus, Type 1 Diabetes, Vertigo,  Fibromyalgia, Graves Disease, Eczema, Gout, Psoriasis

Fertility Supplement

 Surprisingly, it has been found that in mammals the lifespan of the corpus luteum can be prolonged and fertility can significantly be enhanced by administering to a mammal an effective amount of an interferon of the alpha family (IFNα). This is the more surprising because the interferons are proteins produced by totally different cells than the secretory trophoblast proteins. 

Tumor Necrosis

 Serum samples of 120 patients in different stages of chronic human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infection, 11 patients with primary HIV-1 infection (PHI), and 49 HIV-1 seronegative homosexual men were analyzed for tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α), interferon-alpha (IFN-α), and HIV-1 p24 antigen. Increased levels of IFN-α and TNF-α were found in some, but not all, cases with PHI. During progressing disease IFN-α occurred in serum with increasing frequency and concentration. Raised levels of TNF-α were found in all stages of chronic infection, but were less common in patients with AIDS than were raised levels of IFN-α. The levels of the two substances were not correlated. There was a correlation between IFN-α, but not TNF-α, and the occurrence of HIV-1 p24 antigen in serum. These results suggest that IFN-α and TNF-α are induced by different agents during HIV-1 infection. The findings would be consistent with the hypothesis that IFN-α and TNF-α are counteracting forces that have important down- and upregulatory effects, respectively, on HIV-1 replication in vivo. 

RetroVirus Supplement

Replacement for HIV antivirals

 HSV 1, HSV 2, HSV 6

Hepatitis A,B,C

Insecta Supplement

West Nile, Zika, Malaria, Lime Diseases  

Mosquito Borne Maladies

Arthritis/Sports Supplement

The Supplement was  found to improve muscle function in terms of  fast-twitch and tetanic  strength.  

Reversing the effects of  Arthritis.

Flexibility, Strength,  Joint Pain Reduction

Analysis & Health Counseling

Healing the body Through immunotherapy is the New paradigm

humanitarian, Bio-Medical & Agricultural research Scientist Victer Muhammad

Victer Muhammad: The Truth Revealed HIV & Aids

 Victer Muhammad: The Truth Revealed HIV & The Black Community 30 years later  

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