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Natures V Supplement Voluntary consent form.

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I voluntarily consent to taking the ImmunoTherapy Supplement, which is a Naturally occurring protein of the human body to enhance the immune system from Natures V!

 I was not given any guarantees of cure for any ailment. I was advised on proper administration, which is to take one dropperful, intranasally, preferably at bedtime or morning. I am to take the supplement for a minimum of one month to allow for proper assessment of effectiveness.  

However, I may stop use of the supplement at any time.  I have been made aware of the potential side effects of increased libido and increased appetite. Store the supplement in a cool, dry place, not in the sunlight!

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The 1st Person to serodeconvert from HIV+ to HIV- in the U.S. in 1995

Demetrius Muhammad

The 1st Person to covert from HIV+ to HIV- in the U.S.

Demetrius serodeconverted from HIV+ to HIV-.  This was Announced to the World at the Million Man March 10-16-95 in Washington D.C. Demetrius remains HIV- to this present day. For Speaking engagements | Interviews TV or Radio. Please inquiry with Click the Find Out More Button:

The ANNOUNCEMENT. Demetrius X, is The 1st person ever to

Check out this great video: DEMETRIUS X The 1ST TO SERODECONVERT FROM HIV+ TO HIV- IN THE U.S. ANNOUNCED AT THE HISTORIC                                       MILLION MAN MARCH OCTOBER-16-1995 

bio-medical engineer, Victer muhammad creator of liquid Low dose interferon alpha IB100©

Dr. Muhammad Speaks on Bio-Medical Engineer Victer Muhammad. Creator of Liquid Low Dose Interferon Alpha IB100© in 1994 (The Supplement)





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You have Autoimmune Disease Questions & We have 27 years of Immunotherapy Answers© Low Dosage Amino Acid Supplement

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The Supplement Voluntary Consent must be filled out before shipment of Product to Purchaser without exception. 

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