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From a part-time job that earns a little extra each month to a new career, our life - enhancing immunotherapy provides a life - changing business opportunity. As a Natures-V distributor, you set the goals, on your schedule.

Set Your Goals


The more autoimmune disease information meetings you hold the more you make on average, Distributors make $50 per product sale and $100 per new distributor signup.

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Day or night. weekdays. Two days a week or five. It's your business, work when you want.

Autoimmune Disease Therapy


Our customers are raving about Natures V  ImmunoTherapy on social media? Sharing their great stories about their ability to return to their best health after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. There are over  24 million american diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. 

Understanding the Value of Immunotherapy


 Immunotherapy, in our hands, refers to the use of the body’s own immune system to be the guiding principle for the use of exogenous immune agents, proteins and modulators intended to mimic the body’s own immune response, when the body has been compromised.© By: Victer Muhammad, Executive Director – Life Science of Washington, Inc. 03 May 2019 copyright  

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There are the FAQs on the ImmunoTherapy Business



50 million x  $50 = 2,500,000,000

potential clients revenue.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH estimates up to 23.5* million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease and that the prevalence is rising. We at AARDA say that 50 million* Americans suffer from autoimmune disease.

Natures V A New Health Paradigm

Market Analysis

Autoimmune Disease Treatment Market A $108 Billion Industry

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